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Smart Cooking Challenges

Challenging the hardest spots in the smartest, most hilarious way. Following the new strategy to reposition Neomat as the Smart Choice in every aspect of everyday life, we launched a brand-new website, the Smart Choice. The Smart Choice is a hub that includes all aspects of smart living, directly or indirectly connected to laundry. No1 [...]
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Kings Of Ejekt #2 • What if

Integrating social media and offline channels like KINGS! After creating the multi-awarded campaign KINGS of EJEKT for the KINGS brand and the KINGS EJEKT FESTIVAL, Cambo was once again, up against the usual challenge of topping itself. The 2016 KINGS EJEKT FESTIVAL called for a new, massive success story, an innovative, brand new idea for [...]
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Sun of a Beach • Donate Sun

Creating a global network of Sun Ambassadors! Sun of a Beach is a 100% Greek brand born and raised in the country of 360 days of sunshine! The brand offers premium beach towels and accessories, with unique design and high standard quality. A synonym of the summer and the sea. The challenge for us was [...]
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Repositioning Neomat as a fresh, cool, alternative brand

In the beginning of 2016, Neomat asked us for a “facelift”. What we did? Much more than that! Our target was to rebrand Neomat as a cool alternative detergent brand. To start off, we launched a brand-new website, the Smart Choice! The Smart Choice is much more than a classic website. It is a whole [...]
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A digital platform at every woman’s service

Omega Pharma – Predictor Predictor launched in 1971 as the 1st home pregnancy test. Today, Predictor is present in more than 30 countries and is even a generic name for “pregnancy test” in some markets (ex: Belgium, Spain). The brand is among the TOP 20 brands of Omega Pharma and reached total net sales of close to [...]
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