Repositioning Neomat as a fresh, cool, alternative brand

In the beginning of 2016, Neomat asked us for a “facelift”. What we did? Much more than that!

Our target was to rebrand Neomat as a cool alternative detergent brand. To start off, we launched a brand-new website, the Smart Choice!

The Smart Choice is much more than a classic website. It is a whole new philosophy, a way of living.

Repositioning Neomat as the Smart Choice, meant that we had to create a hub that included all aspects of smart living, directly or indirectly connected to laundry.

It meant promoting a fresh smart lifestyle and speaking not only to traditional costumers, but most and mainly to the younger ones: students, singles, young couples, young moms, people looking for smart solutions in general.

The Smart Choice hosts sections that vary from product info about all Neomat variants, to easy, original and economic recipes created by popular chefs and food bloggers, enriched with cleaning tips. Vivid original photography that was specially created for this section.

The Smart Choice also hosts tips for every single moment of your life: not only about cleaning, but also about diy projects, ideas for smart walks and trips and many more. All Neomat activations and contests are also featured in the Smart Choice hub, as well as a special section for coupons and offers. The content is super rich and engaging and always being renewed, with new sections being added constantly.

Τhe website is fully responsive with Facebook login and a registration form for users.

The results since the launching of the Smart Choice?
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