Kellogg’s – My Special K

How to be a healthier you


Kellogg’s partnered with Cambo Industries to create a site that provided highly personalized weight control plans to My Special K consumers, while remaining true to the brand personality.

Cambo Industries was responsible for the development and launch of the site in 12 European countries, including the UK, France, Spain, the Benelux, Italy, Portugal and Greece. We were competing in a very crowded area with other well-known products and had to simply be better to succeed. Also we needed to support classic brand site usage (e.g. product information).

The My Special K plan is a full featured personal plan that has been developed in conjunction with expert nutritionists, dietitians and behavior change experts to harness the latest in scientific thinking and cutting edge advice about managing your weight. Attention was paid in the flexibly of the plan to accommodate the user and not vice versa. This means providing the user with a lot of recipe choices, allowing food swapping and even providing the ability to swap with items found in well-known chain restaurants. Supportive advice was given based on usage and well-loved tools like the forum and expert advice were further improved to be even more helpful. Also deep attention was paid in the social and mobile space with integration of key parts of the site in Facebook as well as full featured iPhone and Android apps.



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